It all started on a 10,000 mile bicycle ride...


Ride4water begins as Ryan Delamater rides his bicycle from the scenic wilds of the Canadian backwoods to the tropical highlands of South America. Going through a divorce and totally depressed he sets out on this bicycle ride to heal and try to find his way. As he rides he learns that people don't have clean water in a little village in El Salvador and starts taking surf trips there with his friends to help. They distribute over 500 clean water point of use systems, teach at school assemblies for over 5000 children and forge lifelong friendships with Mapache, Tiola, Papo, Gato, Doreen & Francisco.

He ends up at Saddleback Church as a Youth Pastor where he gets asked to lead trips to El Salvador and help install a system for his friends in Palmarcito that turns ocean water into clean drinking water using solar energy. This system helps start a local church where people eat papusas, surf, and have a lot of clean water to drink.

To read the full story, check out Ryan's book, here.