Our Collaborative Open Source Team Project since 2013

Ryan Delamater-Platform

Gabrielle Diamanti-Design

Scott Hayward-Engineer

Jack Boyes-Community Outreach

Taylor Langstaff-Environmental Outreach

Ryan Bardelli-Ceramics

Rudy Rudehover-Ceramics

Clyde Turner-Community Outreach

Geoff Pouwels-Lense

Matt-Finance PLNU Outreach

Since 2013 we have been building a D3 (Decentralized Desalination Device). This device is designed to use sunlight and locally available materials to turn ocean water into clean drinking water in areas of the world that have access and quality problems close to the coast. With nearly 75% of the worlds population living within 25 miles of the coastline this decentralized device can be useful in the world of water as it helps alleviate the stress that will be caused nearly 3 billion people projected to be on our planet in the next 3 decades. With water access and quality already a problem for nearly 1 billion people  we need an unforeseen technology breakthrough to solve this problem. Buckets with Filters can't be made, distributed, and implemented fast enough to keep up with current needs and demand.

We are currently in the Design Process Phase working on our prototype.

Project Principles/Philosophy

1. Its is DECENTRALIZED because water should not be OWNED. Water is a fundamental human right not a commodity.

2. It DESALINATES water because this solves the SUPPLY problem. The earth contains roughly 3% of potable water, therefore we need a device that produces access to unlimited ocean water

3. It is a DEVICE because we need a technology breakthrough that is not PATENTED. This project must remain open source so that it empowers people not profits off them.

4. It is made of readily available local materials of clay and aluminum so it is easily REPRODUCIBLE.

5. It uses sunlight and ocean water to keep in harmony with our ENVIRONMENT.