Ride4Water: History

My name is Ryan Delamater and I'm the founder of Ride4Water.

Let me tell you about how Ride4water started :



2010 - 2011

As I was finishing Grad School, I decided to go on a bike ride.

I rode from the West Coast of Canada to St. John's Newfoundland on the East Coast.

From there, I went back across the USA, then south to Columbia. I ended up riding over 10,000 miles through 10 countries


It was rad, but I learned that over 1 billion people in the world had no access to clean water on a daily basis.



I decided to do a  Doctorate of Public Health and began working on the D3 (decentralized desalination device).

The D3, or "Decentralized Desalination Device" is essentially a pot that uses solar energy to convert ocean water to drinkable water.



Also in 2012 I did The 1st Annual Summer Solstice 200.

Myself, Adam Wright (16), Joel Aldous (16), and Stephen Bowdler (24) started at the Ventura Pier at 5am...




...and finished at the Pizza Port in Ocean Beach at 8:12pm

We rode 200 miles in 1 day. Its amazing what people can do when they don't know any better


FIJI - August 2012


I then went to Fiji and personally installed 136 water filters in 2 villages. Felt great to help people



The 2nd Annual Summer Solstice 200



In 2013, seven suckers decided to push the limits a little farther.

We rode from Santa Barbara to San Diego; 227 miles. Most didn't train at all. Seven started. Five finished.



We became a 501c3. Tax ID # : 46-4717331


The 3rd Annual Summer Solstice 200/100 had 21 riders which raised $3873 with 73 donors participating.



Read the full recap HERE

We also made some cycling jerseys with The Awarewolfs  to commemorate the ride that people might actually wear.




Students from Point Loma High School did their own Ride4Water, which raised $350



Now we are in 2015 and Ride4water is beginning to roll into some other forms of RIDING like surfing and skating.

This is my friend Jack below. He killlls it.




Joel Aldous is helping bring Ride4Water to skateboarding.



El Salvador - March 2015

I will be helping lead a team of 30 people down to El Salvador to do our first official Ride4Water filter installation.




Lots going on. Its been fun so far.

I really hope you'll stay a part of this conversation.

Stay tuned...


Charlotte Wyatt