Joe Kelley

On June 21st 2014, we hosted the 3rd Annual Ride4Water Summer Solstice 200/100 mile ride. Joe Kelley was one of only three who finished the 200 mile ride + he did it on a BRAKELESS FIXED GEAR.

We asked him to share a few thoughts on the ride :



What kind of bike did you ride on the Ride4Water 200?
I rode a Cinelli Vigorille track bike. No brakes.


What did you expect?

I had no idea what to expect. I had heard about the ride from The Awarewolfs and knew it would be tough. I had ridden 100 miles in a day a couple of times, but never 200. I was super nervous but never doubted I would finish it. I did a few training rides with The Awarewolfs and my girlfriend Rosana, but still really had no clue how the ride would go.

What was it like?

It was epic. Riding as the sun came up over the mountains and knowing you will still be riding when it goes down really sets into your head. The best part was riding with amazing people and having fun the whole way. The camaraderie between the riders was what kept me going.


What would you tell someone wanting to do the 200 next year?
Do it! Never doubt you will finish it. Train so you are ready. Bring chafe cream so you can still sit on your saddle at mile 180. I made it the whole way thanks to chaff cream.


What do you think about Ride4Water?
Ride4Water is awesome and inspiring. I never would of thought I could help people by riding a bike. I am glad they are doing this and look forward to doing more things with them.


Are you gonna do the Ride4water 200 again next year?
Yes I will be doing It next year. Hope to bring some friends with me!