H30 is our strategy for the future. It's a simple equation. Salt Water (Our Culture) + Clean Water (Our Cause) + Living Water (Our Community). SALT WATER (Our Culture)

We've spent most of our lives in love with the ocean. Sand. Surfing. BBQ's. Skateboarding. Riding Bicycles. Hanging out. Roasting Coffee. Playing Music. Anytime I have lived farther than walking distance to wake up and go surf I freak out. This is our culture.


Over Billion people don't have it. We use our culture and all the influence we have to develop and build sustainable solutions for Palmercito, El Salvador. We have been doing clean water work there for a few years now and in 2018 we will install our 1st solar powered Desalination Project in Palmercito that will use solar energy to produce 500+ gallons a day of clean drinking water for the entire community.

LIVING WATER (Our Community)

All of this is motivated by our love and devotion to Jesus Christ. Beginning in 2017 we will complete H30 as a strategy by starting 2 Living Water Communities that meet on Sunday Evenings. 1 in Palmercito, El Salvador and 1 in Ocean Beach, CA. These are purpose driven churches in design, paradigm, philosophy , training, and network

DesalinationCharlotte Wyatt

Glide4Water – Standup Paddleboarding across Lake Tahoe for water.

August 26th, 2015.



We swim, surf, paddle, and most importantly, we drink it.

If you’re reading this, you already know how privileged we are to have access to clean drinking water. And I certainly don’t have to lecture you that it is not like that in the rest of the world.

It’s easy to process this information and let it go in one ear and out the other but ever since Ryan Delamater of Ride4Water introduced me to the idea of getting clean water to people who do not have it, I haven’t let it go.

A few months ago, after the Ride4Water trip to El Salvador, I mentioned to Ryan that I would love to help lead one of these clean water trips. What does Ryan tell me? He tells me that I am in charge of the entire next project in Indonesia… Granted, I’m super stoked about the opportunity and naively thought it would be cake to plan a trip for me plus ‘a few’ other people to a country thousands of miles away with no immediate contacts. (Key word being ‘naively’).

I have since been in contact with a bunch of different people in Indonesia; all who are stoked on what we are doing and excited to help in anyway that they can. While this trip currently has no set date, no set number of people, no set itinerary, no set.. anything really, I am excited to be planning this trip and even more excited to see what is going to come out of it.

Now, what’s up with this paddleboard across Lake Tahoe nonsense?

Well, it started with a deep conversation between me and Taylor Langstaff.

Me : “Hey, do you want to paddle across the lake?”

Taylor : “Sure.”

And that’s pretty much how the first ever Glide4water started.


What better way to raise money for water filters than by a nice and easy paddle across the crystal clear Lake Tahoe? It sounded like a good idea at the time. So with no time to train, and only one day to fire it out, we sat our alarms for 4:00 AM, made PB&Js, loaded up the boards, and let it rip.

Eighteen miles in to the paddle, with sunburnt calves, aching shoulders, tingling feet, and facing wind from all directions, it was no longer feeling like one of our better ideas.

Halfway through the paddle, the winds switched on us, and we had to battle headwinds for a solid two hours. With the shore way off in the distance, our spirits were low, and our PB&J supply was even lower.

About ¾ of the way through, a friend came through and brought us much needed refreshments. While recharging, the winds switched on us and provided us the last five miles with winds at our backs. With our bellies full and our spirits fuller, we limped the last leg of our paddle into shore.



Twenty three miles from where we started and over seven hours later, we reached the shore and completed the first Glide4Water.

All in all, despite a lost pair of sunglasses and four sore shoulders, it was a successful paddle.

I set an ambitious target fundraising goal of $500 and as of writing this, I am currently at $330. I sincerely appreciate everyone that donated and if you haven’t donated yet, you may here :


Stay tuned for more of this as well as updates about the Indonesia trip. Thank you everyone for your support!

- Bradley Zimmer

Charlotte Wyatt